Lecture, Q&A: „Content creation with AI“

Friday, September 23, 2022 – 10 AM to 2 PM
Reeperbahn Festival (Grüner Jäger / Hamburg Haus)

In this double lecture with subsequent discussion, the current technical status in the field of AI-generated content and the legal consequences will be presented.

In the first part, AI enabler Werner Bogula from ARIC will give an overview of the current state of AI technology in the field of content generation and the implications for producing creative content in music, text and visuals. In the second part, lawyer Dr. Bahne Sievers from Fieldfisher will shed light on the current legal situation for AI content. The focus will be on copyright law, and questions such as protectability, ownership and infringement of AI content will be addressed. Jovanka von Wilsdorf, an expert on artificial intelligence in music creation, will introduce examples in the subsequent discussion. The topic, moderated by Inken März, will be debated with the audience regarding its future viability and applicability to the music industry.