Delhi Jan. 11,  Mumbai Jan.13, Bangalore Jan. 16

LWDTT is hosting an event series in India in collaboration with German Missions in January 2023. Supported by the Wacken foundation, the program encourages young entrepreneurs and artists to pursue their careers in the music business through panel discussions and masterclasses.

Delhi @Sacac: We are excited to welcome Jovanka V. Wilsdorf for a masterclass on Creative Workflow & Song Writing and Lisa Affenzeller for a workshop on Live Sound Engineering held at the Sacac campus on Wednesday, January 11.

Mumbai @True School of Music: Let´s take a deep dive into Creative Workflow & Songwriting with Jovanka V. Wilsdorf and Live Audio Engineering with Lisa Affenzeller. The Workshops will be held in Karjat on January 13.

Bangalore @Taaqademy: In collaboration with Let Women Do The Talking (LWDTT), Taaqademy brings you an exclusive masterclass on Creative Workflow and Songwriting with Jovanka v. Wilsdorf, followed by a Q&A. The class will explore the process of songwriting with an introduction to AI tools that can aid songwriting and music production. Join us on January 16.