An interactive Music Performance with Cello and AI-Emotions tracker

What if artificial intelligence meets human emotion and music emerges?
„Found in Translation“ explores the boundaries between human and machine creativity and embarks on a quest for a female AI. Using the displayed output of an AI emotion tracker as a musical score, AI voices enter into an intimate dialogue with a cello and a human voice to evolve into a stunning audiovisual story“.

Following the successful premiere of the piece at the Most Wanted Music Conference 2021, an extended version of FOUND IN TRANSLATION was commissioned for the PopKultur Festival Berlin 2022. The Great Cinema Hall provided the space for the performance based on the text „Crown of Creation“, a love song to humans from the perspective of a data being, by Jovanka v. Wilsdorf.

Found in Translation 2023: Presentation at the UN AI for Good Global Summit, Geneva

Found in Translation 2024: Prague – Augmented Full Orchestra version. Stay tuned.

Concept, Text, AI Vocals: Jovanka v. Wilsdorf
Cello, human voice: Bison Rouge
Music & Live Production: Jovanka v. Wilsdorf / Bison Rouge
AI visuals created with

Music recording & recording producer: Louis McGuire

Foto credits: Käthe deKoe, David Incorvaia