“FOUND IN TRANSLATION” – AI meets Human Emotions

Berlin @ Kulturbrauerei, 26.08.22.

What happens when artificial intelligence meets human emotion and music emerges? What if AI voices enter into a dialogue with the Cello and this dialogue then condenses into a story? In their commissioned work, the two AI artists and musicians, Jovanka v. Wilsdorf and Ashia Grzesik take the audience on a journey. In four chapters, „Found in Translation“ plays with the boundaries of human and machine creativity between perception and truth and embarks on a search for a female AI. The ‚Große Kinosaal‘, with its distinct atmosphere, provides the space for the performance based on the text of „Crown of Creation, “a love song to humans from the perspective of a data being.

Concept: Jovanka v. Wilsdorf
Music & Production: Wilsdorf / Bison Rouge

Commissioned work. Live at PopKultur Festival, Berlin
Foto credit: Käthe deKoe