A selection of initiated projects


Concept: Jovanka v. Wilsdorf, David Hanson
Featuring Sophia the robot
Powered by Hanson robotics

The first AI ROBOT ROADSHOW was performed at the United Nations AI for Good Global Summit 2023 by Jovanka v. Wilsdorf and Sophia the Robot at the Geneva International Conference Center (CICG), presenting a variety of outstanding artists working with artificial intelligence...

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Concept : Jovanka v. Wilsdorf
Realization: Ralph Christoph / Jovanka v. Wilsdorf
Powered by: c/o Pop Cologne / Presented by Cologne Music Week
Funded by: Initiative Musik and the Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM)

DIANA is the first AI song contest with an associated songwriting camp aimed at skilled musicians. After two successful editions, DIANA took place for the third time with a celebrated award ceremony at the Cologne Music Week in October 2023

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Initiator: Jovanka v. Wilsdorf
Realized in collaboration with Sony Music Germany
Supported by Music Women* Germany

The 2nd edition of the Female* Producer Prize took place 2023. This time seven instead of five female* music producers*, nationwide and of all genres had the chance to win the prize. Outstanding female* music producers thus benefited from sustained support and the spotlight they deserve. The total number of applications rose to 156 female* producers in 2023. The award ceremony took place in October 14, at the SOHO House Berlin.

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Concept: Jovanka v. Wilsdorf
Music & Production: Jovanka v. Wilsdorf / Bison Rouge
AI visuals created with

"Found in Translation" explores the boundaries between human and machine creativity and embarks on a quest for a female AI. Using the displayed output of an AI emotion tracker as a musical score, AI voices enter into an intimate dialogue with a cello and a human voice to evolve into a stunning audiovisual story...

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Author: Jovanka v. Wilsdorf
Illustration: Chrish Klose
Published by: Schwarzkopf und Schwarzkopf

The kitchen magic book with edible fairy tales, animals on the food chain and a bouillon cube universe gives an insight into Jovanka's explosive kitchen cosmos in essays by Jovanka v. Wilsdorf and drawings by Chrish Klose. The book premiere at Berlin Music Week was followed by a nationwide reading tour.

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