Songwriting Camp & Award Ceremony:
12 Musicians, seven AI tools and a celebration of collective creativity

For one day, teams of selected musicians work with their instruments and artificial intelligence to create unique songs and music videos. At the festive awards ceremony the following evening, the music videos are presented to the audience, the winning team is determined and, among other valuable prizes, awarded the DIANA trophy.

„We don’t want to make AI more creative – we want AI to make us humans more creative. “
The sole criterion of the DIANA jury is the musical quality and uniqueness of the applications. No prior knowledge of AI is required to participate in the contest.

The 2021 jury included Dr. Maya Ackerman, CEO of LyricStudio AI and Gerhard Behles, CEO of Ableton. More information about the jury and the winning team can be found here: brands-and-music.com/en/convention/diana/

DIANA Documentary 2021
A collaboration of the Sónar Festival, Barcelona and the ℅ Pop Festival, Cologne. aimusicfestival.eu

DIANA was kindly supported by Ableton Live, LyricStudio, Boomy AI, LANDR, KölnBusiness Wirtschaftsförderung-GmbH

Foto credit: Philipp Pongratz