Masterclass: “Creative Workflow & Songwriting
or: “The Dance with Chaos and Structure“

Hamburg @ BIMM, 14.10.22

Jovanka v. Wilsdorf, Berlin, is a songwriter at BMG Rights Management and works as an artist coach with the Musicboard Berlin and various major music companies. Before signing with BMG as a songwriter and sub-publisher, she toured Europe and released five albums with her band QUARKS on Sony Music and Monika Enterprise. Jovanka v. Wilsdorf is a published book author and has worked as a copywriter for brands such as Edeka, Melitta, Adidas, and Coca-Cola.

The Masterclass will include the following topics:

  • Creative workflow: A good structure serves You – not the other way around. The first part of the Masterclass will introduce you to tools and methods to overcome procrastination, prevent burnout, and plainly – get shit done. It’s all about playful discipline and disciplined playfulness. This part will help you to be on top of your (work) -game while creating more space for the real thing: Your music.
  • A Songwriters survival kit:  A warp drive through some highly efficient practices to unlock creative potential, nail your storytelling, and melt any (song)writing block.
  • All you need is ears: The final part of the Masterclass consists of a listening and feedback session. Bring your songs and questions and discover how little tweaks can push a piece from good to great.