@ MostWantedMusic, Berlin 12/18

An Interaktive Talk with Dr. Andy Elmsley, Jovanka v. Wilsdorf and Prof. Sebastian Stober – Moderation: Frenk Penk

Music is art. Art is unique. Machines can’t do that… or at least, that’s what some people say. 
Machines learn exponentially fast. They can be creative in their own way. That’s what the others say.
In a controversial conversation this session will answer some provocative questions: 

  • Is there promise in machines creating music? What is it? What opportunities await?
  • What’s wrong with machines creating music? Where is the void, and which questions remain unanswered?
  • What does an algorithm need to be creative? Can it fundamentally change our understanding of music?

The last question goes to the audience too – they’ll be asked to generate their ideal hypothetical music machine: the perfect man-machine collaboration.

Concept: J.v.Wilsdorf / F.Penk