21 August 11:00- 12:15 Kino (Saal 8)

Not sure how to tackle this »professional career« thing? Our expert Jovanka von Wilsdorf will help you coordinate your next moves in her workshop on career-mapping: »It can be tough to get your career to the next level without a strategy, support and constructive feedback. In this workshop, we’ll pinpoint the patterns that hold us back and create a toolbox for a more efficient and creative workflow. Dig in. It all starts with you.« Jovanka von Wilsdorf is a Berlin-based musician and songwriter at BMG Rights Management. She and her band QUARKS toured Europe and released five albums before she became a production consultant and artist profiler for major record companies such as Universal Music as well as for the Music Pool Berlin and Musicboard Berlin.

[public]Workshop Nachwuchs 2019