Panel: “Power to the Artists: Non-Fungible Token (NFT)” (En)

Berlin @ Kulturbrauerei, 24.08.22

Speaker: Carmelo Lo Porto (CEO Niftee), Jovanka v. Wilsdorf (DIANA AI Song Contest),
Moderation: Tristan Littlejohn

NFTs are on everyone’s lips, hailed as a solution to break the power of large corporations and strengthen the independence of artists. But how does it work in the field of music? How can musicians use this tool innovatively, and what can they learn from the art scene that already uses NFTs? Music manager Carmelo Lo Porto developed Niftee, the first platform for hand-curated, exclusive NFTs in Europe, and organized the first NFT auction in the music industry – with rappers Kool Savage and Cro. Musician Jovanka von Wilsdorf is an expert in music compositions with artificial intelligence. Along with host and digital transformation advisor Tristan Littlejohn, they will discuss the opportunities and different possibilities for artists to use NFTs, shedding light on their political, social and economic aspects – such as democratization, self-empowerment, decentralization, monetization, community-building and much more.